LifeAfter Indonesia Tutorial on How to Play & Complete Missions

LifeAfter Indonesia Tutorial on How to Play

LifeAfter Indonesia Tutorial on How to Play & Complete Missions -Another mobile survival game from NetEase that has become a hot topic of conversation lately is LifeAfter. After being officially released in Indonesia, this game is widely played by gamers.

If you’re a fan of zombie movies like Walking Dead or World War Z, then you’re no stranger to the concept of this game: survival in a world where a large portion of the human population has been infected with a virus and turned into zombies. Classic but still interesting!

LifeAfter currently only supports English, maybe in the future there will be an Indonesian version. In this post, I will provide a brief guide on how to play the LifeAfter game and how to quickly complete the first mission. I understand that at first you might be a little confused about what to do in this game (I had that problem too). I will explain from the start.

Tips for Completing the First Mission in Lifeafter

The game starts in Hope Valley. So the story goes that after the truck we were driving overturned, we were trapped in a valley. The mission is to escape from this valley. The missions in Hope Valley are:

Dog – Ladder

Once we’re trapped in Hope Valley, the first thing we have to do is find the life detector. It’s not far from where it fell after you hit it, just use it.

Dog – Ladder

After that, look for a backpack (bag) so that we can collect resources in that area which we will later use to make weapons and survive.

Dog – Ladder

Once the backpack is found, open its contents. Inside you will find bandages. Use bandages. Later after using the bandage, a zombie will appear trying to attack us, don’t fight it. You just ran upstairs and a helper named Aleksey appeared. It is he who will shoot all the zombies.

After that, you need to collect resources to craft weapons and bandages. The resources you need to collect are wood, stone, hemp and berries.

Dog – Ladder 3

In the next mission, we will work with Aleksey to get to the top of the hill by climbing the stairs at the end of the cliff. You will also meet ready-made dog characters. This dog will be our pet during the game.

Safe Place

Safe Place

After you successfully climb a hill, the next mission is to find a cabin that is designated as a safe place. Here we get the medicine that will become our inventory. But don’t be surprised, because suddenly a horde of zombies will break through the hut and attack. Wait a minute while you fight back with the dagger or Aleksey will shoot from the back door and we’ll have to escape.


The next mission is to find a way to get out of Hope Valley safely. Behind us are the mutated monsters that are continuing to hunt. Complete the objective and we can escape by helicopter. But unfortunately the mutated monster bit the helicopter and we were stuck on the other side of the valley again.

Opposite Bank

In the next mission, we need to find a mailbox from Razarove, Aleksey’s comrade in arms. Then we have to repair the house on the hill as well. Here we are attacked by hordes of zombies. But the fight will be easier because we can make rifles.

Lab – Mengalahkan Special Mutant

Next we go to the laboratory, where the mutated virus was created. You may be a little confused here, but the goal is actually very simple. First we need to bury the mailbox and put some supplies/resources in it. Make sure the contents of the bag are not full for the mailbox that will be used.

Next is the Special Mutant. The trick is we don’t have to fight it because it’s certain that this monster won’t die in the laboratory (because the scenario is like that). We just have to look for the key that is stored in the cupboard, your mission is to find this one key. After that we go through the back door and this is where we will part with Aleksey.

The next mission is to defeat a special mutant. At first it was looking for a radio to send a signal asking for help, a few moments later the airdrop along with rifles and drugs was released. With this rifle we will defeat the special mutant.

Hope 101

After defeating the special mutant, the first mission (tutorial story legend) of LifeAfter is completed. Then we were picked up by helicopter and taken to Hope 101, a sort of small town where survivors congregate.

In Hope 101 we get a new partner named Rachel. To complete the mission here you must go to the Bureau of Commerce, Housing Center, Major Justin. Here we get provisions in the form of gold bars and dollars to complete the next mission.

Development Zone

The Mission Development Zone is the start of the game in LifeAfter. Here we will set up our own defense camp, build a house and start a survival game from the attack of the cursed zombies. Watch the video above to see LifeAfter’s gameplay in the Development Zone.

Lifeafter Indonesia: How to Play & Complete Missions

  • Bind account

As usual, we must first link our account to Google Play Games or Facebook. Do not play as a guest because if you reset your device later, game data will be deleted and we will have to start over.

Server login

There are three servers that we can choose in LifeAfter, namely SandCastle, MiskaTown and MouthSwap. We can play with different characters on these three servers.

You don’t need to be confused about which one to choose because these three servers only seem to be used to share user traffic. We can play with the same game mode on the three servers. Just choose the one with the best ping.

Create a character

After selecting the server we will be asked to create a character, just do it as usual. Then we get a dog too. Create the character you want, then hit play.

Two options will appear. Just select Start The Legend Of The Tutorial Story to start the game, then select Solo mode.

Overall, the button layout in this game is very user-friendly. You won’t have any problems with that. To play this game, we only need to pay attention to the Objectives tab to know what we should do next.

You can see the image below so you understand how to play and complete missions in the LifeAfter game.


  • You should always pay attention to this tab. Because here we see what mission we should do next.
  • The arrow goes to the next target. This arrow will appear to guide us to the next mission. So don’t get confused, just follow these arrows.
  • Objective point. Well this is the point where we will do the mission. This sign will always appear, we just follow it.

We only need to pay attention to the three indicators above so we don’t get confused about what to do in this LifeAfter game. Some English is also required as all stories and mission statements are explained in English. If I really liked it, I would study too, right?